Titanium Anodizing

$25.00 - $40.00
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Titianium Anodizing applies to more than knives, hwoever it is most commonly found on Higher end knives. As long as the piece you are wanting to add color to is Made if Titanium. Stainless steel Requires PVD coating and that is an entirely different process. 

Currently we will offer two Sizes for anodizing Titanium:

Small-> Screws, set screws, pins, etc. A minimum of 6 is required to fuffil the job. 

Medium-> Any knife parts and or items of simliar size. This can be Clips, scales, the blade, or any other titanium part. You can send in a whole knife for the price listed. 

Once you select a color you can then upgrade the finish type by selecting sandblasted or stonewashed to add an entirely differnt look to your peice. 

We are also offering Laser Engraving to add to your project, see the dropdowns for what we can do. 

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